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Write a Clinical Plan

Create tailored clinical plans for patients combining patient cases with medical literature to enhance care and reduce provider workload.


In modern healthcare, generating patient-specific clinical plans can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task for healthcare professionals. Crafting detailed treatment strategies, prescriptions, and care plans based on individual patient characteristics requires substantial manual effort, resulting in delays and increased workload for healthcare providers. The problem of time-consuming clinical plan creation is a significant bottleneck in delivering efficient and personalized healthcare.

Why it matters

  • Complex Patient Profiles: Patients present with multifaceted medical histories, conditions, and individual factors that must be carefully considered in clinical plans. The intricacies involved in evaluating these aspects make manual plan creation highly challenging and prone to errors, risking suboptimal patient care.
  • Data Overload: The vast amount of data involved in crafting patient-specific clinical plans can overwhelm healthcare providers. From medical records and genetic information to treatment guidelines and drug interactions, the sheer volume of information makes it exceedingly difficult for healthcare professionals to comprehensively assess all pertinent data.
  • Varied Clinical Variables: Crafting clinical plans involves accounting for a multitude of clinical variables, including disease progression, medication efficacy, and patient preferences. The inherent complexity of managing these variables can lead to inefficiencies, suboptimal care, and potential treatment-related risks.


This app drafts an assessment and plan based on your patient summary in seconds, suggesting evidence-based diagnostic and treatment steps for you to consider


  • It combines medical literature with patient data to suggest an up-to-date clinical plan.


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