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A billion people free of preventable diseases by 2030

Late diagnoses, slow processes and wasted time; these are problems that medicine suffers today and that can cost the life of millions around the world. In a brilliant TEDx talk, Laura Velasquez, our cofounder, talks about potential solutions and how we think AI should be applied to improve medicine.

Can AI humanize medicine?

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We are transforming disease detection from the ground up, making it faster, cheaper and better.

Today 56% of the world's population dies from diseases that we know how to treat, but are not detected on time. Most viral diseases, such as malaria, affect the world's most vulnerable populations, where there is huge inequality in access to basic healthcare. The problem is that we lack an early detection system that is rapid, accurate and scalable to the size of the problem.

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We don't care about your diplomas, we look for misfits and obsessives, who are not afraid to change the world and who demonstrate a record of doing it.

Sorry we have no jobs at this time.

However, you can always send us an email explaining why should we open a position for you.

Include any outstanding projects you have being part of, we love makers. Our team reviews each email with fine detail to understand your motivations and track-record (3% average acceptance rate). We will invite selected candidates to a round of interviews to evaluate technical skills, empathy and motivation to work with us.

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