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Summarize and understand key insights in medical research, saving time and enhancing patient care.


Healthcare professionals are often challenged to keep up with the vast amount of scientific research due to time constraints and the large volume of literature available. It is estimated that a doctor spends approximately 21 hours a day reading on scientific updates (1). Doctors recognize the importance of staying updated with the latest medical literature to provide evidence-based care. However, the process of searching, reading, and evaluating research papers is time-consuming and frustrating when doctors find that the literature they invested time in doesn't meet the criteria of relevance or quality. This poses a significant challenge as doctors navigate through a vast amount of published research to find the most reliable and applicable studies. The limited time for literature review, coupled with the difficulty in discerning credible and relevant papers, results in wasted efforts, delayed access to valuable information, and potential gaps in knowledge that can affect patient care.

Why it matters

  • Doctors spend approximately 21 hours a day reading on scientific updates, limiting time for thorough literature review.
  • The volume of medical literature makes it challenging to find directly applicable papers.
  • Assessing the reliability and credibility of papers is complex and time-consuming, impacting evidence-based practice.


“MediSummaryAI” a digital health assistant has been introduced to streamline the literature review process. By leveraging language processing capabilities, this tool automatically analyzes and extracts highlights from medical research articles, delivering concise summaries that capture research objectives, methodologies, findings, and implications.

User person: Cardiologists, Oncologists, Neurologists, Endocrinologists, Pulmonologists, Pediatricians, Geriatricians, Psychiatrists, Infectious Disease Specialists, Surgeons.

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MediSummaryAI accesses the extensive PubMed repository directly to search for the latest research articles, clinical trials, and guidelines relevant to healthcare consultations and patient cases.


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