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Doctors are often faced with the challenge of reviewing extensive medical records when assessing the health history and treatment needs of a patient. However, the process of thoroughly reviewing these lengthy records is time-consuming and can increase the likelihood of errors. The combination of limited time availability and the complexity of medical records poses significant challenges, potentially leading to missed or misunderstood information, compromised patient care, and increased risk of medical errors.

Why it matters

  • Time Constraints: Doctors have busy schedules and a high volume of patients to attend to, leaving them with limited time to review comprehensive medical records. The extensive documentation, including patient histories, diagnostic reports, test results, medication records, and treatment plans, can be overwhelming to thoroughly analyze within the available time frame. Time constraints may force doctors to skim through records or rely on incomplete information, potentially leading to overlooked details or inadequate understanding of the patient's medical history.
  • Cognitive Overload and Information Fatigue: Lengthy medical records can present an information overload challenge to doctors, leading to cognitive strain and potential information fatigue. The volume and complexity of the documentation can overwhelm doctors, making it difficult to process and retain all the relevant information accurately. As a result, doctors may struggle to identify critical patterns or correlations within the medical history, increasing the risk of missing important details or making erroneous assumptions.
  • Proneness to Errors: The combination of time constraints, cognitive overload, and the intricate nature of medical records contributes to an increased likelihood of errors during the review process. Doctors may unintentionally misinterpret or overlook crucial information due to limited time or cognitive strain. Inaccurate assessments, incorrect diagnoses, or improper treatment decisions can result from these errors, jeopardizing patient safety and well-being.


This app uses an LLM to summarize an EMR to get a quick view of the patient


  • Electronic medical record


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